Give Up 2

Give Up 2

Date added: 27/02/2019

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Give Up 2 is a sequel to Give Up, you have to overcome many obstacles, deadly pitfalls to overcome the surviving exit door. Many of the levels will just seem too hard. In each level you will have reach the exit door while avoiding guns, lasers, spikes, and more. 

The initial levels are quite easy and you must simply run to the door. As you progress however new obstacles are added. Furthermore, in later levels you will encounter guns and lasers that track your movements! You control a small blue stickman and you must guide him through a series of levels which increase in difficulty. 

Do not forget to invite friends to play and share with them. And if you love this game, let's play some other similar games such as Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2 and Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack in You are ready for new challenges. Good luck! 

Game controls:

Arrows = Move / Jump

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