The King Of Fighters Wing Ex

The King Of Fighters Wing Ex

Date added: 08/03/2019

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The King Of Fighters Wing Ex is a online game that you can play on 2playergame for free. It will take you to a cool world! Combine King of Fighters characters with some Street Fighter characters. 

Choose to play by yourself against the computer or in 2 player mode with your friend on the same computer. So you can invite your friends to join this game to find the winner. 

Invite your friends and do not forget to share with them the fun of this game. If you like playing some other games like Anime Fighters Cr: Sasuke and Ninjago Legend Fighting 2 at You will have great moments of relaxation with friend. You are ready to play these games. Go it!

Game controls:

Player 1
WASD: move
J:  Heavy Punch
K: Heavy Kick
L: Emergency Escape
U: Weak Punch
I: Weak Kick
O: Power burst

Player 2 
↑↓←→: move
1:  Heavy Punch
2: Heavy Kick
3: Emergency Escape
4: Weak Punch
5: Weak Kick
6: Power burst

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